BeOnAlert for Companies

BeOnAlert For Companies Will Be Launching Soon.

BeOnAlert supports corporate social responsibility and ethical behavior.

Be it customers, stakeholders, investors, or employees – people invest their time and money in ethical companies whose values they share.

Here’s how our process works right now:

1) A Report is submitted: Anyone with a valid email account can post a report about their experience of sexual harassment on the BeOnAlert public registry. 

If the Report meets our community guidelines then we will publish certain details from the Report on our Public Registry. The Report will state:

∙ The company the Accused worked for at the time of the harassment.*
∙ The type/s of sexual harassment the Reporter experienced.
∙ The general timeframe within which the incident occurred.
∙ The Reporter’s written description of the harassment (with the Reporter’s prior approval, only).

*We may choose to publish the name, work email address, or LinkedIn profile of the Accused if repeated allegations have been made against them.

These reports will be available to the public on our registry with the intention of protecting and warning others who are potentially at risk. The reports are discoverable by entering the work email address of a harasser or a company name into the search box on our app.

2) Company is alerted: Once the report is published on our site, we will notify the company at which the Accused worked at the time of the harassment. In these alerts, we will include the same information which is publicly available on our Registry along with the name of the Accused. 

Currently, we do not reveal the identity of the Reporter. In the future, the Reporter will have the ability to choose if and when they would like their identity to be revealed so that a satisfactory resolution can be sought for both parties.

3) Respond to report: Once notified, a company representative can contact BeOnAlert to learn more about our services and how they can publicly respond to these reports on our Registry.

Here’s how we envision the future benefits of BeOnAlert for Companies:

BeOnAlert’s searchable database of sexual harassment reports, along with our alerting system, allows companies to identify and root out the people that are contaminating their company culture and to take action on complaints before they become a bigger, more damaging, and costlier problem.

BeOnAlert provides companies an opportunity to publicly respond to the reports, demonstrating their efforts to address workplace sexual harassment.

Companies who engage with BeOnAlert are provided with a step-by-step process on how to manage workplace sexual harassment. We provide a centralized platform to discuss and resolve current cases of harassment with Reporters. The platform will allow for case tracking and status updates for both Reporter and employer as it moves through the resolution process.

Our sexual harassment prevention resources help to foster the kind of trusting work environments that attract and retain great talent.