Protect Yourself and Others

No more silence!

Let’s eliminate workplace sexual harassment together.

Fear of job loss. Fear of not being believed. Fear of retaliation. Fear of being alone and unsupported.
For too long fear has led to workplace sexual harassment being brushed under the carpet.
With BeOnAlerts sexual harassment reporting platform and publicly searchable registry we now have the power to protect and warn each other.

Heres how BeOnAlert works for you:

Hold companies accountable: By offering a platform where a victim of sexual harassment can reclaim their power and become a Reporter we can now expose sexual harassment and hold companies accountable for unethical behavior in their workplaces.

Gauge your future or current employer: Trying to decide what company to work for? Use our database to see if your future employer has been listed. Read the comments and status updates to see where companies stand on sexual harassment and how they deal with it.

Protect yourself and others: Get free access to all reports of sexual harassment made on our public registry.

Knowledge is power: Access our expert created content and resources to learn more about sexual harassment in the workplace, how to deal with it, and how to prevent it.

BeOnAlert holds up a mirror to sexual harassment and we hope that one day that mirror reflects back work environments that are ethical, safe, fair and equal.