How it Works for Reporters

By giving your voice a platform we turn victims of workplace sexual harassment into Reporters.

BeOnAlert provides a confidential and secure platform to publish reports of any sexual harassment you have experienced in the workplace.

You have total control over the disclosure of your identity.

Here’s how it works:


Fill out our submission form by clicking the ‘Submit a Report’ button on the main page of the BeOnAlert app.*

The form takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and will ask you for certain details about your harasser, the company they work for, and the incident you experienced.     

*Before making a Report with BeOnAlert we encourage you to check out our page on What is Sexual Harassment.

2. REVIEW                                                                             

The BeOnAlert team reviews your submission to make sure it fits with our Community Guidelines.

3. PUBLISH                                                                           

If your submission is approved, we will publish a Report on our Public Registry. The Report will state:

∙ The company the Accused worked for at the time of the harassment.*
∙ The type/s of sexual harassment you experienced.
∙ The general timeframe within which it occurred.
∙ Your written description of the incident (only if you have given us your prior approval through the submission form).

*We may choose to publish the name, work email address, or LinkedIn profile of the Accused if repeated allegations have been made against them.

These reports will be available to the public on our registry with the intention of protecting and warning others who are potentially at risk. The reports are discoverable by entering the work email address of a harasser or a company name into the search box on our app


Once the report is published we will alert the Accused’s employer. In these alerts we will include the same information which is publicly available on our Registry along with the name of the Accused.

Currently, we do not reveal your identity to the Accused’s employer. In the future, you will have the ability to choose if and when you would like your identity to be revealed so that a satisfactory resolution can be sought for both parties.


BeOnAlert offers you the option of a free, confidential legal consultation with one of our affiliated lawyers.