Our Team

Diane Strutner
Founder, CEO

Diane is a visionary business woman with the passion, strength of will, and knowledge to achieve her goals.

She is the founder and CEO of 2 companies, Datazoom and BeOnAlert, and is a proven corporate leader with over 8 years experience in global business development, marketing, and sales.

While living in Barcelona, she founded the Barcelona Tech Network for entrepreneurs, startups and advisors. A California native, she is a graduate from Manhattan College where she earned a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and was a Division 1 scholarship athlete who competed and served as team captain on the indoor volleyball team.

Diane believes that we all work hard to chase our dreams and that worrying about our safety in the process should not be a barrier to success. She has dedicated herself to helping provide direction and protection to victims of sexual harassment who are feeling isolated, unheard and unrecognized.

Diane created BeOnAlert as a Corporate Ethics Management platform that will aide organizations in establishing and enforcing common ethics and social responsibility.  

Diane will not be silent!


Sherry Platt
Chief Program Officer

Sherry Platt is a bestselling author, social entrepreneur and expert in the field of Talent Acquisition, Program Development and Career Management. Sherry brings her 15+ years experience guiding human resource professionals, executives, and young adults, along with the homeless, recovering addicts and felons, to overcome barriers to success.

She is the founder of three companies: SWITCH-Careers (Supporting Women In Transition and Change) Lavender Careers (for LGBT professionals) and Chief Talent Strategist.com.

She was the Associate Director of Career Services for Saint Mary’s College Graduate School of Business and served as the Vice President on the board of directors for the Rainbow Community Center in Contra Costa County. Currently Sherry mentors start-up companies on early stage hiring and employee retention.

Sherry has witnessed and personally experienced how prejudice, glass ceilings and workplace harassment can devastate one’s spirit and inhibit personal development and professional success.

She is honored to be part of BeOnAlert’s proactive stand against workplace prejudice and barriers.

Sherry will not be silent!


Jess Kitt
Director of Communications

Jess has over a decade of experience as a Branding and Communications Strategist working in the areas of SaaS, travel, education, entertainment, and design.

Jess creates compelling content, conceptualizes branding strategies, and develops communication processes for companies at all stages of their development. Previous roles include Director of Marketing & Communications, Founder and Head of Catalog Department, and Digital Marketing Executive.

Jess is passionate about software that drives social change and improves the quality of lives. She especially loves working with startups where she gets chance to be part of the growth and development of a company and product.

Through personal experience, Jess has become passionate about challenging discrimination and the imbalance of power in all areas of society. Working on the BeOnAlert project is an opportunity for her to make a difference in people’s lives and to move society in, what she believes, is the right direction.   

Jess will not be silent!


Leilani Wagner BeOnAlert

Leilani Wagner
Social Media Manager

Leilani has over 10 years of experience in the marketing arena having started in the non-profit world, working her way through youth development, collegiate athletics, professional sports and now as an entrepreneur. Leilani brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, particularly with partnership development, event management, community, and digital marketing.

She has always been a proponent of transformation and the betterment of the world. When she was asked to join the BeOnAlert team, it was no question for her to jump onto the opportunity.

The first company she worked with out of college was Girls Inc. whose mission is “Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.” It only makes sense that she has come full circle in her career, to become part of an organization with similar values, to continue to drive that message for all people — we all deserve to have a voice and stand up for ourselves and to feel safe in our environments.

Leilani will not be silent!