Any personally identifying information that you include in your Report pertaining to you will not be published on our public registry.

If your submission is approved, we will publish a Report on our Public Registry. The Report will state:

∙ The company the Accused worked for at the time of the harassment.*
∙ The type/s of sexual harassment you experienced.
∙ The general timeframe within which it occurred.
∙ Your written description of the incident (only if you have given us your prior approval through the submission form).

*We may choose to publish the name, work email address, or LinkedIn handle of the harasser if a certain number and level of allegations have been made against them. This will serve to alert users to those who are not represented by any company, such as investors.

If you chose the option in your submission form, we will share the answers in your form with an allocated lawyer who will provide you a free initial consultation and with whom you will be able to communicate with through the Reporter Platform.

Upon publication of your Report on our Public Registry, we will contact the Accused’s employer and inform them that a report has been made on our platform. We will provide them with the same information that is available on the Public Registry, as well as the name of the harasser.

Your identity will not be revealed to the employer at this stage; however, you will have the option to your reveal your identity to them down the line with a view to resolving the case in a satisfactory manner through the BeOnAlert platform. You have complete control over if and when you choose to reveal your identity to the employer.

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