For too long now, incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace have been swept under the carpet, minimized, dismissed, and even accepted as normal practice. We understand the difficulty Reporters face in coming forward – shame, uncertainty, fear, and a whole range of other emotions and potential scenarios can stop a person wanting to expose a sexual harasser. We hope that by providing an anonymous reporting system we can give Reporters back the power by giving them a voice and a platform that comes with no conditions, expectations, or unwanted repercussions.

By making a Report through BeOnAlert you can make other people in your community aware of a potential threat, you can expose an injustice without your identity being shared, and you can do your part to eradicate sexual harassment in a way that suits you. We will never pressure you to follow through with reporting a case to your employer, HR department, lawyer, or the police if you do not want to – with BeOnAlert you can ensure that others are ‘alerted’ to sexual harassment in a safe and secure way.

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